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RO membrane

Brackish Water RO Membrane Element

Model No : BW-4040/8040/4040FR/8040FR

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BW Series:

The BW Series  have the advantage of high rejection and low pressure, stable in performance  with  wider application range, high flux,  extended service life,  can save the  equipment  investment  and  operating expense.

Applied Industries: 

treatment of brackish water, desalination of raw water with mid-low salt concentration.



It is applicable to the desalination of surface water, groundwater and water treatment with salt concentration between 2000 and 8000ppm. It can be widely used in the medicine, chemical industry, beverage, electricity and other various industries etc..


Model Active Membrane Area ft2(m2) Permeate Flow GPD(T/D) Stable Rejection Rate (%) Min rejection rate(%)
BW-8040 400(37.2) 10500(39.7) 99.6 99.4
BW-4040 85(7.9) 2400(9.1) 99.6 99.4
BW-8040FR 365(34.0) 9500(35.9) 99.6 99.4
BW-4040FR 78(7.2) 2200(8.3) 99.6 99.4


Concentration of Solution (NaCl) Temperature(℃) pH Value Operating Pressure psi(MPa) Recovery Rate(%)
2000ppm 25 7.5-8 225(1.55) 15

Notes: The permeate flow of single membrane element may vary with in ±15%.

Operating Limits and Conditions of Membrane Element:

Max.Working Pressure 600 psi(4.14MPa)
Max. FeedWater Temperature 45℃
Max. Feed Water Flow 17.0m3/h(8040), 3.6m3/h(4040)
Max. FeedWaterSDI15 5.0
Free Chlorine Concentration of Feed Water 0.1mg/L
pH Range of Feed Water During Continuous Operation 3-10
pH Range of Feed Water During Chemical Cleaning 2-12
Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element 10psi(0.07Mpa)


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