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RO membrane

Material Separation Nanofiltration Membrane

Model No : NF1-8040/4040

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It is applicable for the removal or concentration of dye, removal of heavy metal and the concentration and desalination of whey protein. It will intercept divalent ions and higher ions preferentially, the interception of monovalent ions will be affected by the liquid concentration. This membrane model was widely applied to the desalination and decoloration treatment on the raw water, such as surface water, landfill leachate, dyeing wastewater, coking plant waste water, etc.


Model Active Membrane Area ft2(m2) Permeate Flow GPD(T/D) Rejection Rate (%)
2000ppm MgSO4
NF2-8040 400(37.2) 12000(45.4) 96
NF2-4040F 78(7.2) 2200(8.3) 96


Concentration of Solution (MgSO4) Temperature(℃) pH Value > Operating Pressure psi(MPa) Recovery Rate(%)
2000ppm 25 7.5-8 70(0.48) 15

Notes: The permeate flow of single membrane element may vary with in ±15%.

Operating Limits and Conditions of Membrane Element:

Max.Working Pressure 600 psi(4.14MPa)
Max. FeedWater Temperature 45 ℃
Max. Feed Water Flow 17.0m3/h(8040), 3.6m3/h(4040)
Max. FeedWaterSDI15 5.0
Free Chlorine Concentration of FeedWater 0.1mg/L
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Continuous Operation 3-10
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Chemical Cleaning 2-12
Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element 10psi(0.07Mpa)


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