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RO membrane

Sea Water Desalination Membrane Element

Model No : SW-4040/8040/2540

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It is applicable to the desalination of raw water with salt concentration between 15000ppm and 40000ppm, and make removal for the boron is more than 90%. This membrane model was widely applied to the desalination of sea water and high concentration brackish water, concentration and recycle treatment for high salt wastewater.

Features:High rejection rate and large flux.


Model Active Membrane Area ft2(m2) Permeate Flow GPD(T/D) Stable Rejection Rate (%) Min rejection rate
SW-8040 400(37.2) 7500(32.1) 99.7 99.5
SW-4040 85(7.9) 1600(6.1) 99.7 99.5
SW-2540 27(2.5) 600(2.3) 99.7 99.5


Concentration of Solution (NaCl) Temperature(℃) pH Value Operating Pressure psi(MPa) Recovery Rate  (%)
32000ppm 25 7.5-8 800(5.5) 15

Notes: The permeate flow of single membrane element may vary with in ±15%.

Operating Limits and Conditions of Membrane Element:

Max.Working Pressure 1200 psi(8.3MPa)
Max. FeedWater Temperature 45 ℃
Max. Feed Water Flow 17.0m3/h(8040), 3.6m3/h(4040), 1.4 m3/h(2540)
Max. FeedWaterSDI15 5.0
Free Chlorine Concentration of FeedWater 0.1mg/L
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Continuous Operation 3-10
pHRange of FeedWaterDuring Chemical Cleaning 2-12
Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane Element 13psi(0.09Mpa)


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