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Talent Concept

Talent is the most fundamental source of enterprise development, and talent is the most valuable resource for enterprises. A good team is our most important asset. People-oriented is the key to our success. Pengkai Environment takes the optimization of the talent team structure as the main line, and vigorously implements the strategy of strengthening the talents and strengthening the enterprise, so that “everyone can do his best to make the best use of his talents.”

We advocate equality of opportunity, respect for efficiency, and fairness and justice; we pursue nobleness, we are happy, we grasp balance; our development depends on you, development and feedback.

We advocate the pursuit of excellence, the spirit of excellence and the willingness to pay as much as anyone else’s efforts; 

We encourage innovation and change courage, do not make excuses for difficulties, and only find ways to succeed; 

We appreciate the inclusiveness of the vain and the valley, and the tolerance is often the embodiment of self-confidence;

We respect those who know how to be grateful, be grateful to partners and opponents, and be responsible for society and the environment;

Do not forget the initial heart, work together to create a better future.


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