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Technical Advantages

Pengkai R&D center was established in 2013. After several years of development, it has achieved great results. In 2015, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise .The core technology “air lift down-flow membrane bioreactor water treatment system” was confirmed as achievements of science and technology in Guangzhou, which was obtained a number of patents and was certified as a high-tech product.

The center is led by a well-known water environment professor,who leading a group of high-quality doctoral and master’s teams, has advanced laboratories and multiple pilot bases , cooperates with Harbin Institute of Technology and South China Normal University.

Committed to: high-efficiency and low-energy rural sewage treatment and deep purification technology and application research, black odor water and water environment repair technology research, high-concentration wastewater treatment and water reuse technology research, through technological innovation to achieve “Engineering Equipment ,Equipment Standardization “. 


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